Client Successfully Re-Establishes Contact with Non-Biological Daughter

12 December 2016

Clare Curran, Partner in charge of the Family law department recently acted for the husband in a case who returned from work abroad to discover that his wife had moved out of the former matrimonial home, without any discussion with him and subsequently refused to facilitate any form of contact with his 2 daughters.

An application had to be issued to the court on his behalf to re-establish contact, during the course of which the mother revealed that the parties’ youngest child was not in fact biologically our client’s child.  DNA tests were directed by the court which determined, to our client’s devastation, that he was not in fact the child’s natural father.  The mother continued to oppose any form of contact on this basis.  However, our client successfully pursued an application for contact with the child, on the basis that he had always believed her to be his, he had treated her as his own since discovering the truth as to her paternity and he wished to maintain his relationship with her. 

Our client was successful in establishing a Contact Order in his favour and now sees the child regularly and still considers her to be his own daughter despite the heart-breaking revelations during the currency of the court case.

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