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Brian Moss

Status change for migrant workers after Brexit day

12 March 2019

Back in June 2017, UK Prime Minister Theresa May outlined the UK government’s proposal on the rights of EU citizens currently living in the UK, after Brexit. She said: “The UK is one of the most tolerant and welcoming places in the world and will remain that way. EU citizens who came to the UK before the EU Referendum, and before the formal Article 50 process for exiting the EU was triggered, came on the basis that they would be able to settle permanently, if they were able to build a life here. We recognise the need to honour that expectation.” Read More

Graham Pierce

Much to consider when negotiating business leases

05 March 2019

When solicitors negotiate legal documents much ink can be spilt over how a discretion conferred upon one party by the other is to be exercised and what conditions can be attached to. In the case of property-related documents such as commercial leases a discretion is often conferred in relation to the giving of approval by one party to a proposed course of action by the other. Read More

Louise McAloon

Cybersecurity & employee liability for losses incurred through online fraud

26 February 2019

A recent Scottish case involving an employer seeking to recover its losses from an employee who was deceived into transferring company funds of £193,250 to online fraudsters has sparked considerable interest amongst employers and lawyers alike. This is the first reported case of its kind where the employing company has dismissed an employee for gross misconduct and thereafter issued legal proceedings against their former employee to seek to recover their losses. Read More

Catherine Cooney

The growth of franchising

19 February 2019

Despite the uncertainty of Brexit and continuing economic pressures, franchising in Northern Ireland continues to expand. Irish fast food chain Four Star Pizza has confirmed plans that it is to open 10 more stores this year, 20 years since it opened its first store on the Beersbridge Road. Read More

Janeen McKay

Title indemnity insurance: how it could help you

06 February 2019

You have found your first home or your dream home and you are eager to sign on the dotted line and get the keys. However, when you meet with your solicitor to discuss the contract and title to the property, you are advised that there is a title issue. Read More

Chris Wallace

How insurance can insulate you from legal costs

04 February 2019

Starting and indeed running a business can be both rewarding and challenging in these uncertain times. There are many legal and other pitfalls that can beset a growing business, including non-payment of a debt by a customer, contractual disputes with customers, suppliers or agents, employment disputes and regulatory investigations. Dealing with such issues can divert time and resources from your business and worse, could expose the business to legal costs, which in the event legal action is unsuccessful and factoring in the risk of the opponent’s costs or adverse costs, can be considerable. Read More

John Kelly

Criminal offences outside work: what should employers do?

23 January 2019

Following the sentencing of Irish League footballer Jay Donnelly earlier this month for the distribution of an indecent image of a child, there has been much debate around the response of his employer. Some have suggested that Cliftonville F.C. should have taken firm action much more quickly, whilst others say the whole saga has little or nothing to do with his employer. Whilst I don’t intend to comment on the specifics of that case, the story does give rise to an interesting discussion around what action employers should take in such circumstances. Read More

Celia Worthington

Check your Bank Terms

15 January 2019

Most businesses borrowing from a Bank will consider carefully the terms of the Bank facility agreement. Even in situations where there is no scope for amendment it is prudent to consider the document carefully to ensure that as a borrower you fully understand the risks. Many of the terms in the facility letter are standard but many are obviously case specific and some may be up for negotiation if circumstances permit. Read More

Clare Curran

Top Tips for a Healthy Separation

08 January 2019

When a relationship breaks down, the parties involved can often feel overwhelmed by the multitude of issues that need to be addressed and it is often difficult to know what to do. Legal experts in family and matrimonial law are trained to deal with the many and varied problems which arise when this happens. Read More

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